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70% of Rotherham adults receive first dose of Covid vaccine


Coronavirus - stay alert to stay safe

Over 70% of the Rotherham adult registered population have now received a first dose of a Covid vaccine.

GP Practices are working as part of a unified approach taken in the borough, starting with the first targeted groups back in December.

In addition to the top nine priority groups, the team in Rotherham have now vaccinated a large number of 40 to 49 year olds.

Coronavirus - stay alert to stay safe

Ian Atkinson, Covid Vaccine Lead for Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We’ve now successfully offered all vaccine to cohorts 1 to 9 in line with national targets. That’s a fantastic achievement and something that we should be really proud of.

“We have had a fantastic four months, and it is a credit to the Rotherham place and a credit to the people that’s working there that’s got us to this fantastic position.

“In terms of first doses in Rotherham we have now administered over 140,000 vaccine to our local population. Across the age categories, we’ve seen 96% of our over 70 population receive their first dose of vaccine. We’ve seen 95% of our over 65 population receive a vaccine and we’ve seen 90% of our over 50s also receive a vaccine.

“A massive thank you to all our staff, all the volunteers and all the support staff behind the scenes for this tremendous effort. We are really proud of this achievement.”

Progress continues to be made on the second dose of the vaccine, a challenge for the Rotherham vaccine team. GP staff have been visiting care homes to deliver second doses, and likewise district nurses have been out in the community. 12,000 key workers are also receiving their second jabs.

Sue Cassin, chief nurse at Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We continue to work through all the age groups and categories as we are directed to by the government. We will continue to do this, down through all the age groups until all adults across Rotherham have been vaccinated.

“It’s really important that it if you get invited for a vaccine, then you do attend for this. If you’ve got any concerns or any question that you need to discuss about the vaccination, there are nurses and doctors on all sites who are there to vaccinate and to have these discussions with.”

While many residents will be wanting to make the most out of the easing of the restrictions, they are being reminded that COVID-19 cases in Rotherham are still high and that they must continue to follow the guidelines to reduce the rate further.

An update from Rotherham Council said: “The rate of cases of COVID in Rotherham has continued to fall and is now at 35.0 per 100,000 with 93 cases in the borough in the last week. This remains above the England average rate of 22.5 per 100,000, but we have seen a noticeable fall locally in response to successful roll out the vaccination programme by our local NHS partners. Vaccination is not only helping to keep people safe from harm but is also reducing transmission and enabling us to keep the case rate lower and to continue the easing of restrictions.

“As the rate remains higher than the national average, it is really important that we continue to follow the current guidance, meeting outside where virus transmission is reduced and by getting vaccinated as soon as you are offered your chance.”

Coronavirus - stay alert to stay safe
Tom Austen
Tom grew up in Aston, Rotherham and studied Human Geography at Nottingham Trent University before developing a passion for promoting Rotherham and a nose for a good story.


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