Bring Me the Horizon set sights on 2021 for world tour


The venues for Bring Me The Horizon’s next tour are a long way from The Charter Arms in Rotherham town centre.

One of the most experimental heavy bands in the UK started out round here with drummer Matt Nicholls a massive Rotherham United fan and guitarist Lee Malia a former music student at Rotherham college.

When they formed at college in Sheffield in 2004, the quintet were just kids who wanted to make noise. They took their name from a line in the film Pirates Of Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, when Captain Jack Sparrow says, “Now… bring me that horizon”.

The current line-up of BMTH consists of Oliver Sykes, Matthew Nicholls, Matt Kean, Lee Malia and Jordan Fish. Years of hard work have resulted in award nominations, festival headline sets and the ability to sell out arenas (something Malia once said they would never be able to do!).

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Two dates at Sheffield Arena in September 2021 are set to be joined by dates in Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham and London – at The 02.

Dates have now been released for far flung cities including Minsk and St Petersberg.

From the start of lockdown in early 2020, the band busied themselves recording a slew of new songs and shared plans to release four EPs over the next year, all sharing the name POST HUMAN. The EPs would eventually combine to form a full album. The horror-heavy single Parasite Eve arrived over the summer, with Obey featuring YUNGBLUD following in September.

In October 2020, they released the EP POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR.

In a mini-documentary discussing the recording process during a pandemic, Malia said: “When we’ve recorded we’ve always gone somewhere for that set period and lived it. You’re there for two months but you are recording everyday and you’re in the studio everyday. But it’s been, like, sporadic – like, I’ll be recording guitars and then I’ll not be.

“I just had a little girl last year and we were meant to be away quite a bit so I’ve got to spend, like, the whole first year and a half with her which has been amazing. I wouldn’t been able to do that if this [COVID] hadn’t happened so there is some positives.”

On the new material, Nicholls (pictured, top), said: “This EP’s got a mixture of everything, you know what I mean, there’s metal in there – it ticks so many boxes.”

On the throwback song, Dear Diary, he added: “I had to relearn how to play drums like I used to. I hadn’t played drums like fast, like metaly, in years so that was fun to do that again.”

Images: BMTH / RCA


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