Content guidelines for third party contributors

Our content guidelines have been considered to ensure that a positive experience is enjoyed by residents and all of our content partners. With a few exceptions, all content submitted for publication is reviewed whilst considering these guidelines. We reserve the right to choose an exception to these guidelines when we believe there is a benefit to the public to do so.

If you believe any content falls outside of these guidelines without justification please email including a link to the page and details of your concern.

Proof of identity

We only publish content from known partners or persons who have completed our identity verification process. Please contact us for further details on becoming a content contributor.

Purposeful content

We are building a hub of information on everything that is great about our borough as we work with everyone towards a greater town. We want to celebrate the biggest events and happenings whilst also focussing on communities, local businesses and more importantly, local people, that make the borough that bit better for their efforts. Please ensure that any content submitted is purposeful and helps us to shape tomorrow’s borough.


Trust is important to us and our users. Whilst we choose a half full over a half empty view about what we are communicating and sharing, being honest and accountable will allow us to learn lessons together and develop trusting relationships. We publish who has contributed content so that users can watch out for future submissions from their favoured contributors.

Copyrighted content

Any content submitted to MyRotherham is accepted on the understanding that the author owns the copyright and provides MyRotherham with permission to publish the submitted content, and any associated imagery.

Sexually explicit content

Any content of a sexually explicit nature will not be published.

Graphic violent content

Any content that incites or glorifies violence will not be published. Any content purely for the sake of disgusting others will not be published.

Hateful content

Any content that promotes violence or harassment against an individual or group based on but not limited to ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity will not be published.

Medical advice

Only selected content partners are authorised to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Content of this nature from any other contributor will not be published.

No partisan politics

Politics and policies are fine to focus upon but MyRotherham is not a hub for partisan politics, any content that we believe sways to the left or the right may not be published. All levels of government are welcome to contribute content that focusses on opportunities for the borough and celebrates collective achievements.

Religious promotion

Our borough comprises of many religions and respecting the beliefs of all residents is important on our platform. Whilst we hope to increase understanding of all aspects of our town, any content that promotes a single religion, deity or belief system as superior to any other will not be published. Content that looks to discredit a religion, deity or belief systems will not be published.

Dangerous and illegal activities

Any content that is deemed to promote or facilitate dangerous or illegal activities will not be published.

Harassment and bullying

Any content that we believe could send a message that harasses, bullies, or physically or sexually threatens others will not be published.

Updated 6th April 2020