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Dinnington Covid testing site closes


Coronavirus - stay alert to stay safe

The Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) Coronavirus testing site at Dinnington Resource Centre has closed with effect from yesterday (24th August).

The Council has been in discussions with DHSC for several weeks about securing an alternative site for a testing centre in Dinnington after Resource Centre trustees expressed their desire to fully open the facility again, which would require restoration of its car park.

The Council believes that a test site should remain in the Dinnington area and has been actively seeking an alternative site within the town. The Council will now accelerate that work, with the aim of facilitating a replacement site for a DHSC run testing site in Dinnington as soon as possible.

Coronavirus - stay alert to stay safe

Nathan Atkinson, Assistant Director for Strategic Commissioning at Rotherham Council said: “We are grateful to the trustees at the Resource Centre for their agreement to allow DHSC use of their land for the testing site since November 2020 and fully support and understand their need to return the car park to its proper use.

“We have provisionally identified an alternative site nearby in Dinnington, which we will aim to secure and handover to the DHSC as soon as possible, although there will inevitably be a short period when residents will be advised to attend other nearby sites in Rotherham, Maltby or Worksop or book a home test.”

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Coronavirus - stay alert to stay safe
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