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Rebecca Taylor makes her debut on Later… with Jools Holland tonight – a dream come true for the former Wales High School pupil.

As Self Esteem, Taylor is finally getting heard, noticed and recognised on a much wider scale. Her new single, I Do This All The Time, has earnt a place on the BBC Radio 1 playlist (following on from making 6 Music’s playlist). It is described as “a part-spoken-word ode to all the frustrations and societal norms that cloud expectations of ‘correct’ womanhood.”

An alumni of Wales (then Comprehensive) in Rotherham, the cricketer, turned, drummer, turned singer began her musical career as one half of indie duo Slow Club and has since released her acclaimed debut solo album Compliments Please in 2019 followed by her 2020 EP Cuddles Please.

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The latest song will be featured on the long-running BBC Two music show that selects “hot, legendary and undiscovered” artists for live studio performances.

Which one is Rebecca? Hot, legendary and undiscovered?

Talking earlier in the year when promoting her upcoming November tour, Taylor said: “I get tweets every week saying, ‘more people should know about Self Esteem’- I make a joke out of it and it’s fine. But to be constantly told that something that I’ve found so freeing and exciting hasn’t landed yet because I haven’t had a great big smash hit…it’s rough.”

Emerging from being back in South Yorkshire during the pandemic, Taylor has found the right time to release I Do This All The Time, her nod to the Baz Lurhmann cult classic, Sunscreen.

She said: “Even in Slow Club, I wanted to do a Sunscreen 2020 – Sunscreen for millennials!. And I finally got to do it. I think that song is the best thing I’ve ever made; I stopped trying to do anything in particular and made exactly what was just happening and coming out.

“I know I’m not reinventing a whole bunch of wheels, but my quest will always be to make music that is as widescreen and as cinematic as possible. There’s just no point in making music unless it’s f*****g beautiful, or saying something that makes you feel better and heard.”

Self Esteem will be at the Get Together Festival at Sheffield University Student’s Union on August 8 and back in Sheffield at the Leadmill as part of her own UK tour on November 12.

Images: BBC

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Tom Austen
Tom grew up in Aston, Rotherham and studied Human Geography at Nottingham Trent University before developing a passion for promoting Rotherham and a nose for a good story.



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