Philosophy in pubs


An arts project that aims to get more people choosing, creating, and taking part in brilliant art experiences in Rotherham has found the perfect place to tackle some of life’s big questions – the local pub!

Flux Rotherham is a Creative People and Places Programme funded by Arts Council. Rotherham residents now have the opportunity to work with five professional artists to explore how creativity, art and culture could benefit their community

Philosophy in Pubs is for people to explore big ideas in a series of philosophical conversations run by Flux Artist in Residence, Rosie Carnall.

Rosie is a creative facilitator who gets people of all ages thinking and talking together. Her practice is based in the process of philosophical enquiry: asking questions, exploring ideas. Through this, she brings people together to enjoy fun philosophical activities, interesting discussions, and creative writing. Rosie loves to be out and about in pubs, galleries and community venues, meeting and talking with whoever wants to join in.

At the first session, Rosie has invited people in to the Queens Hotel in Maltby to create a new piece of art, inspired by the pub’s vivid wall.

Rosie said: “We admired the beautiful glass art in the Queen’s Hotel in Maltby so much that we wanted to try and make a new version. So that’s exactly what we did – with paper marbling. This is a simple way to make stunning and unique patterns with ink and water. People in the pub were able to create individual pieces that were put together at the end to make a new smaller version for display near the original.”

A second session took place at Maltby’s Vintage Cafe with further sessions planned for Revs and Relics (April 12) and The Wesley Centre (April 12).

Rosie added: “We had people in the group who had done all sorts of different work, from building the channel tunnel to mining, to payroll, to care work. Drawing on all that experience was helpful in thinking about how work is creative, what value people have for it and what humans need for happiness.

“Everyone’s going to add philosopher to their CV from now on!”

The Flux Rotherham vision is that by 2030, Rotherham will be a true cultural democracy. The envy of other places, our compendium of destinations will draw visitors from across the nation to experience our imaginative work, characterised by our reputation for pushing boundaries, engineering excellence, living green and the art of activism, as well as by the warmth of our Rotherham welcome. Co-created with our residents, our cultural activities will be popular, relevant and much-loved.

Images: Flux Rotherham / facebook


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