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Rotherham Hospice Sunflower Appeal


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Rotherham Hospice are bringing a little bit of sunshine to the borough to celebrate a significant milestone.

The only adult hospice in Rotherham for the people of Rotherham, Rotherham Hospice is an independent charity and must raise significant sums of money each year in order to pay for the quality care provided free of charge to patients, their families and carers (Around £8,000 per day is needed through fundraising to run Rotherham Hospice). 

25 years ago, Rotherham Hospice opened its doors on Broom Road for the first time.

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The Sunflower Appeal is simple; donate (the suggested donation is £5) and receive a packet of Sunflower Seeds for your own home or garden, and help us fill Rotherham with Sunflowers.

A spokesperson for Rotherham Hospice, said: “If there’s one thing we know about Rotherham, it’s that nothing keeps us down for long. So we thought it was about time we brought a little sunshine and joy back to this brilliant town of ours. By filling it with sunflowers.

“Homes, schools, businesses, parks, gardens, windowsills. You name it, we want a sunflower in it. And as you can see, we are growing a virtual sunflower garden, filled with your messages of hope and dedication.

“Because together we can make Rotherham the brightest, sunniest place in Britain.”

More information can be found here.

The hospice on Broom Road was built with money raised by the town and opened as a day care unit for 15 patients in 1996.

A fundraising appeal to give Rotherham its own hospice began in 1988, when local Rawmarsh antique dealer Gerald Shaw raised £2,000 to kickstart a campaign after the death of his wife. She had died of cancer in Rotherham District General Hospital and he believed a hospice environment would have eased her final hours.

Townsfolk joined in the campaign and extra dynamism came in the form of Rotherham clinical oncologist Dr Frank Neal, who had retired from Weston Park Hospital – and had been instrumental in setting up St Luke’s Hospice in Sheffield and the day care unit at Weston Park.

By 1993 over £550,000 of the £1m target had been raised and Rotherham Council offered the site of its old horticultural nurseries towards the end of that year. The building of Rotherham Hospice was completed in May 1996, and opened its doors to Day Hospice patients in mid-1996.

Over the decades, the hospice has developed a wide range of services to help people with terminal illnesses and their families and now helps thousands of Rotherham people every year.

Images: Rotherham Hospice

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Tom Austen
Tom grew up in Aston, Rotherham and studied Human Geography at Nottingham Trent University before developing a passion for promoting Rotherham and a nose for a good story.


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