Rotherham’s New Year’s baby


Little Albie was waiting until the new year had truly begun before making his entrance on New Year’s day!

Albie William Frost-Meese was one of eight babies born in Rotherham on 1 January. He was born at 2.47pm and weighed an impressive 9lb 10.5oz.

He joins mum Lyndsay, dad Scott and sister Megan and brother Mason from Wickersley. Lyndsay said: “Albie was five days overdue so we had no idea he would turn up on new year’s day.” 

She added: “It is a lovely birthday to have – we think Albie was just waiting to get 2020 out of the way!”

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Little Albie has a grandma who you might all find familiar too: Congratulations to Community Nurse, Sharon Hunter!

Of the eight babies born on New Year’s Day 4 were girls and 4 were boys. On Christmas day we welcomed three babies; 1 girls and 2 boys.

Natalie Humphrey, Lead Midwife on the Labour Ward at Rotherham Hospital, said: “It is always a pleasure to welcome newborns into the world at such a special time of year for many families.

“This year has been long and hard for many people and it is heart-warming to celebrate the New Year with the start of new life. We wish all our festive families the best for the year ahead and look forward to meeting more 2021 Rotherham babies!”


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