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“Somewhere between that Rotherham garden and the furthest reaches of your imagination”


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When you think of a father and son working together in Rotherham, what do you think of? A plumbing firm? A funeral directors? How about electronic music?

Music producer Rian Treanor and his producer and artist dad, Mark Fell, have used the recent lockdown period to collaborate on the “most ambitious and intricate renditions of Quiet music you’ll likely ever hear.”

Treanor, who began making music for video games back in the 1990’s, is described as a “disruptive and essential new voice in British underground club music” and has received recent praise for his Late Junction mix for the BBC. He has also begun doing more workshops with young kids, older people and non musicians.

Coronavirus - stay alert to stay safe

Fell is a critically acclaimed music producer electronic whose practice has expanded to include moving image works, sound and light installation.

The pair, who both studied art rather than music, found themselves working together as the Covid pandemic brought families around the country into lockdown together.

Rian Treanor

Having both worked on a global online music festival, CTM, Treanor and Fell have recently released what is thought to be the first full length collaboration between the two.

Last exit to Chickenley was recorded in and around their garden in Rotherham over the summer last year.

Boomkat, a specialist, independent online record store that focuses on innovative, exceptional, interesting and often overlooked music, describe the work as: “Fractal not fractional, these recordings weave Fell & Treanor’s signature palettes in previously unheard, unpredictable ways; incorporating their interests in the expressive intricacies of Indian Raga music with an inherent sense of Japanese wabi-sabi and a patina of location recordings, to realise a blossoming, allegorical sort of sound bath or sonic garden.

Mark Fell

“The presence of Mark’s parents meant they steered clear of “dance” music or anything that attacked, tempering the sound to an ultra subtle flux of feathered, polymetric percussion, trickling keys, and glowing electronic tones sensitive to their shared family space. Its effect would gently lull Rian’s gran to sleep, and likewise exerts the same influence on us; convecting a zen-like balminess that aligns the chakras and is a genuine wonder to experience.

“Washes of electrostatic, filigree electronics, pulsing subs and sudden percussive bursts, enveloping your ears to transport you to unknown dimensions; somewhere between that Rotherham garden and the furthest reaches of your imagination.”

Images: Boomkat / CTM

Coronavirus - stay alert to stay safe
Tom Austen
Tom grew up in Aston, Rotherham and studied Human Geography at Nottingham Trent University before developing a passion for promoting Rotherham and a nose for a good story.


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