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Update from Trust’s Chairman


Coronavirus - stay alert to stay safe

The Chairman of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, Martin Havenhand, provides the following update on Covid-19.

Covid-19 – Latest statistics

As of Thursday 28 May 2020, there were 44 inpatients at Rotherham Hospital who have tested positive for COVID-19, of which 5 were in Critical Care. There were 23 inpatients waiting for their results.

Coronavirus - stay alert to stay safe

This brings our total number of positive inpatients we have cared for to 500.

In total, 295 have been discharged and sadly 153 have now died.

We now must be alert to the changing guidance and arrangements in respect to social distancing which have been effective in assisting the NHS to cope with this pandemic.

Test, Track and Trace

You will now hear more and more about “TEST/TRACK/TRACE”. For further details please look at the Government’s details on this service.

The Government has published an overview of the test and trace service, which came into effect this morning. It includes information about how the service works for those diagnosed with coronavirus and for those they have come into contact with, and advice on testing and sharing information.

Dental services reopening

A letter published has confirmed that all dental practices should begin re-opening from Monday 8 June for all face-to-face care, where necessary infection prevention and control and personal protective equipment requirements are in place. Thanks to all who will be helping the NHS to resume safe and effective routine dental care.

Business Continuity Awareness

Business Continuity planning is essential to enable organisations to deliver critical functions during unexpected business disruptions. Annually, the Business Continuity Institute host a global campaign to raise awareness of how effective planning is an enabler to support organisations of all types and sizes. This year it was 18 to 24 May.

This year’s theme was ‘We are Stronger Together’ which focused upon the importance of collaboration across teams, departments and disciplines to build and implement resilience. 

At our Trust colleagues have shared their experiences of how effective planning, collaboration and team work has enabled them to deliver their critical functions during unexpected business disruptions, prioritising patient safety and enhancing the Trusts’ preparedness.

Coronavirus - stay alert to stay safe
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